Tips to Choose a Luxury Villa to Enjoy a Memorable Vacation

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Going for a vacation ultimately means to spend a lot of money on accommodation, airline tickets, shopping and many other areas. Some people consider trimming the budget with exploring various cost saving options. Keeping money savings in mind, some vacationers take the wrong steps. They usually book a cheap second grade hotel which may be a proven disaster later. However, choosing villas over such cheap hotels is not only a smart move but also a perfect way to make your trip memorable.  You may think that you have to spend more in order to reserve luxury villas in Manuel Antonia, Costa Rica but, this is not true. Many villas are available at the same price that you may have to pay for hotels. Your trip to Costa Rica will be truly enjoyable while staying in one of these villas. Luxury villas are the perfect choice, especially if you require more than one hotel room, to spend less and to gain tremendous luxury options over staying in a hotel. However, there are some important things to consider when choosing a vacation rental villa. Some of these are provided below.

Things to consider when choosing a luxury villawhen you are on a vacation.


You should choose a villa that is easily accessible. The villa should be located in a town that offers many amenities such as great restaurants, shopping, in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica tremendous wildlife, various tours and adventures along with other attractions. If it is possible, choose such a villa which is just a walking distance from your tourist destination.


Make sure that the villa that you are going to choose, is surrounded by picturesque locations. Staying in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica offers a lush jungle setting, one of the most popular National Parks in the world (according to Forbes Magazine), beautiful beaches and most of all, 3 types of monkeys, two species of sloths, toucans, scarlet macaws and many other exciting animals. It is like living in an outdoor zoo.

Villa quality

Many people have a negative experience with some villas as they rely on misleading photos or websites. Some villa owners publish edited photo or old photos which are much different from the current state. Itis best to speak live with the Villa owner or Property Manager to assure that you are renting a Villa that meets all of your requirements.

Price against services

Before reserving a villa, you should be fully aware of the services that are provided. Verify if maid service and emergency maintenance is available as you do not want to have an air-condition unit malfunction with no repair during your stay.  Are these services included in your rate or are they extra? If they are included, verify how often the maid will come, if a Chef is included, how many meals do they prepare, etc. Apart from that, be very clear about the terms and conditions.

Rental and cancelation policies

Before finalizing the right villa be sure to thoroughly understand the cancelation and rental policies. Try to research reviews of the villa on various websites. Relying on past reviews of the Villa and possible company that you are renting from will provide ease of mind based on the experiences of past guests.

When you consider all of these factors, you will be assured to get the best villa to make your vacation enjoyable. No matter, whether you are with your family members or friends, choosing luxury villas over hotels is a perfect choice. It will surely contribute to making your vacation extremely memorable and stress free.

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