Activities to Enjoy on a Manuel Antonio Vacation

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Have you been planning a trip to Costa Rica? Then you must not miss a visit to Manuel Antonio, a small and pristine haven that is covered with green forests composing the common landscape of the area. Some of the best features of Manuel Antonio that make it one of the most attractive tourist spots include its pristine white sand beaches, mountains, rivers, rain forests, the large variety of flora and fauna and the charming climate of the area.

The beach lifestyle by the coast and the warm clear waters make the place perfect for trying out some fun-filled activities such as taking surfing lessons, jungle/waterfall tours, parasailing, zip lining and a variety of other exciting activities. Fishing is extremely popular as the area is recognized as some of the best Sailfish, Marlin and Tuna areas in the world. 

Casa Karma

What are some of the activities that you can enjoy in Manuel Antonio on your vacation?

ATV Tours

If you are someone who loves thrilling adventures, a 3 hours ATV tour can be your best bet. You will feel the thrill of riding on your own ATV in the jungle outside the small village of Quepos. You will be guided through rustic unpaved roads, huge African palm tree plantations, traditional cattle farms and the typical towns such as Londres and Naranjito. You can also take delight in the traditions and typical Costa Rican food here. And finish off your tour in the best way you can cool off in the refreshing crystal clear waters of one of the waterfalls there.

Canopy Tours

You can discover different canopy tours or as most call them ziplines just outside of Manuel Antonio.  Canopy tours are one of the adrenaline activities to enjoy in Costa Rica that provides you the feeling of freedom that resides in all of us. The adventure is designed to take you deep into the world of emotions.

Snorkeling and Catamaran Tour Sunset Sail

You can enjoy a snorkeling adventure in the morning at one of the stunning snorkeling locations along the coast of one of the beaches. And then to relish the splendor of nature you can opt for a catamaran tour in the afternoon and experience the breathtaking sunset view of the Pacific Ocean. You will also witness humpback whales and dolphins along with other amazing marine life during this tour.

The list does not end here, it goes on... However, to enjoy all this and more you must make a stay in Manuel Antonio for at least 5-7 days and to make your stay relaxed and enjoyable vacation rentals in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica are the best options.

Villa Marbella

So before planning your itinerary for your Manuel Antonio trip, make sure to book one of the vacation rentals in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica well in advance. As far as rentals in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica are concerned, some of the best choices include Villa Celaje, Villa Pelicano, Jungle Vida, Casa Karma, Villa Marbella and Casa Anaka. These are just a few names as there are many more.


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